residential tick control johnsonville

Tick Control on the Cheap

August 28, 2020

Do you want to do something about the annoying ticks that crawl around your yard, biting you and your pets and possibly carrying diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? While you know your best option is probably to get in touch with your local residential tick control johnsonville professionals to get the job done, you might be thinking about potential cheaper ways to go about this task.

Are there any easy and cheap ways you can try to deal with the tick problem in your yard? As it turns out, there are a few solutions you could try before you call in the pros.

Mow Your Grass as Short as Possible

If there is one thing that ticks absolutely love, it is tall grass that they can hide in while waiting for someone to bite. Taller grass also provides a somewhat cooler environment, which is exactly what ticks are looking for. One good way to attempt to cut down on ticks in your yard is to regularly keep your lawn mowed, and try to have the blades set as low as possible.

residential tick control johnsonville

By cutting down the tall grass, you rob ticks of their preferred hiding places, and they migrate further out so they can find their ideal shady environments.

Use Mulch to Your Advantage

You could also consider using mulch to ward ticks away. How would this approach work? Well, it is fairly simple. Putting a “mulch barrier” around your yard creates a dry and hot path that ticks will have to attempt to traverse if they want to reach the other side. Not only does this keep ticks out, but you will also have a visual aide showing you where you shouldn’t step over if you want to stay away from tick bites.

Make Your Yard Tick Free!

Both of these options are good things to think about if you want to try to keep ticks out of your yard without spending too much money. If, for some reason, these methods don’t work, you will probably have to look into pulling out the big guns and having the professionals come out to handle the job.